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CD & MH circularLimehouse Cut plays Playford (YouTube)

A sampler from The Dancing Master (1651-1728) filmed by Sue Swift in Hawksmoor’s church of St Anne’s Limehouse. Includes ‘Lull Me Beyond Thee’, ‘Jack’s Health’, ‘Wooden Shoes’, ‘Hole in the Wall’, and the lovely ‘Bonnie Grey-Ey’d Morn’.

CD & MH circular

Limehouse Cut plays Scandi (YouTube)

A sampler of Swedish dance tunes on nyckelharpa and concertina filmed in Hawksmoor’s church of St Anne’s Limehouse. Includes ‘Appelbo Gånglåt’, ‘Fanteladda’, ‘Lappkungens Polska’ & ’Slängpolska efter Byss-Calle No.32′. Video by Sue Swift.


Busking Nov 2017

Busker with Squeezebox (YouTube)

Sue Swift’s video of a concertina in an empty churchyard – no music stands, no wires, no mike, no amplification, pure busking



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The World in a Box (SoundCloud)

Wide-ranging collection of (mostly) home recordings. Playlists include English Country, Playford, Celtic Connections, Busker’s Delight, Latin American and Music Hall.


Rampin Cat front coverThe Rampin’ Cat LP FRR009 1976

Michael Hebbert (Jeffries Duet concertina) with Andrew Frank (vocals), Rod and Danny Stradling (melodeon and tambourine), Steve Bentley (fiddle and washboard) and John Tams (banjo and nuts).

Kickin up the SawdustKickin’ Up the Sawdust LP SHP4073 1977

Ashley Hutchings with Bob Cann, Jimmy Cooper, John Tams, Terry Potter, Michael Hebbert, Pete Bullock, John Rod, Graeme Taylor and Michael Gregory.


This Label Ain't RemovabeThis Label is NOT Removable FRTCD25 2002

Three disc sampler of 25 years of Neil Wayne’s Free Reed label including Dambusters’ March from FRR009.